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The Quest for Optimum Weight and Height

May Fouad Nassar*

The constant pursuit for perfect anthropometric measurements is widely noticed. The reason behind this is the concept that links proper weight to better health. Additionally, taller stature is often considered as a privilege. The millennium brought about stabilization in the height as well as a positive weight trend, leading to increase in the Body Mass Index (BMI). To get taller and thinner and defy this secular trend, the nutrition standards has to be revised. For regaining the positive height trend, and before accusing the drained genetic potential, adequate protein intake with special emphasis on its quality should be ensured. Healthy food choices and enhancing physical activity level are essential to overcome the obesity epidemic but early preventive measures are equally warranted. Implementation of the proper nutritional advices in the first 1000 days of life can ensure that the dream of ideal growth parameters is achieved for the future generations.

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