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Variation in branching pattern of the axillary artery – a case report

Mahendra Kumar Pant

Anatomical variation in branching pattern of the axillary artery has been observed in the left arm of an old male cadaver, in the department of Anatomy, Rohilkhand Medical College &Hospital (RMCH), Bareilly, UP, India, during routine undergraduate dissection. Pectoralis minor crossed in front of the axillary artery and divided it into three parts. It has been observed that the left side, the thoracoacromial artery and lateral thoracic artery were not originated from 2nd part, but arising from 3rd part along with subscapular artery by a common point of origin. Anterior circumflex humeral artery and posterior circumflex humeral artery were originated directly from subscapular artery by a common stem. Such variation might be due to the unusual developmental vascular pattern in the region. Such variation of the peripheral vascular system is of considerable surgical significance and might be used to explain unusual clinical signs and symptoms.

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