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Giant cervical ependymoma, an infrequent presentation: Case report and review of the literature

Mao Vásquez, Luis Jaime Saavedra, Elías Lira, Luis Antonio, Jesús Félix, Yelimer Caucha, Jorge Medina, William Wilson Lines-Aguilar

Ependymomas are tumors that develop from ependymal cells, and represent the most frequent primary spinal cord tumors in adults. The cervical spinal cord segment is the most frequently affected. Giant ependymomas (greater than 4 cm) are rare, although their real incidence is not known. The treatment of choice is surgical resection, total if possible, or subtotal associated with radiotherapy. We present two cases of giant cervical ependymomas, who consulted due to progressive limb weakness. Complete resection of the lesion was achieved in both cases, one of them received complementary radiotherapy. There was no evidence of recurrence after one and five years of follow up, respectively. Neurological improvement was achieved in both cases (modified Mc Kormick Scale I). Complete resection of Ependymomas Giant (EG) in our cases was safe and with good functional results.

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